Habits and affirmations.

Forming new habits and changing behaviour whether it be health related or not, can be extremely difficult. Think of how long you have had your current habits- months, years and some even decades. So first and foremost, give yourself time.

In my experience, working with clients and behavioural change there tends to be a running theme. They may have a goal in mind or a vision for their health in the future, yet the confidence that they will actually achieve that goal is low or non existent. The amount our confidence affects our ability to achieve a goal is hugely underrated. A wise friend of mine used to have written on his mirror "whether you think you can or can't you are probably right" and I found this so uplifting. We underestimate the power of our thoughts and self talk and how much it dictates our navigation through life.

Our confidence and self esteem is moulded by the thoughts and feelings we have towards ourselves. Maybe this is based on past experiences we have had when trying to change our behaviour, or potentially the opinion we have of ourselves, or the opinion of others. Regardless of where the lack of confidence has stemmed from, self belief and building our confidence is vitally important in order to move forward. 

A technique used to improve confidence that I encourage all of my clients to use when working towards building new habits is 'affirmations'. Affirmations are positive statements specific to you and your personal goal. They help you to overcome negative self talk, replacing it with more positive statements. For example, 'I enjoy being in my body and I nourish it each day' or 'I love my body and I will make choices to support it'. Maybe these feel unnatural or untrue to start with but by committing to using affirmations everyday you can retrain your thinking to more positive thoughts which translate into positive experiences. You would never attend a friend's sports game and yell "you suck" from the side line, however often that is what we do to ourselves. The outcome of hearing this talk in your head continuously often leads to going off track or giving up entirely.  

Even if you don't feel you are there yet, an age old trick that works is to 'fake it 'til you make it'. Write affirmations down that really speak to you and then say them out loud each morning and night. Write them on the mirror or go outside and get amongst nature.  Use affirmations and positive self talk to your advantage and start making some things happen. Know your importance and be confident that you are making steps to create a positive lifestyle – mind, body and soul. Thanks for reading.