Qualified Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian in Tauranga


The Weight Management Clinic is passionate about supporting you with behavioural change that lasts long term. We will support you to live a healthier lifestyle and facilitate weight loss where appropriate.


Based in Tauranga, our nutritionist and dietitian is uniquely qualified to help educate, motivate and inspire you to maintain a healthier lifestyle. We can support you in creating healthier eating habits, facilitating weight loss where appropriate and providing nutritional information to support you with long term health conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

At our Tauranga Weight Management Clinic we understand that creating new healthier habits is a challenging process. Particularly considering that for most of us this involves altering habits of a lifetime. Our aim is to first understand your goals and expectations and from here develop a plan that is tailored specifically to you and your needs.

As dietitian's, we endeavour to translate scientific knowledge about food and the nutrients they contain into practical nutritional advice that is easy to understand. We do not believe in the "diet" mentality and although weight is often the goal for our patients we recognise that weight loss is a by-product of daily healthy habits and should never be the sole focus. When we can finally learn to make food choices from a place of self love and appreciation for our body we are much more likely to maintain healthier habits long term. 

Our focus is lifestyle change, creating habits that redefine the health of our body and our mind. Rather than a quick fix crash diet fuelled by self loathing we support you to achieve self love and a healthier relationship with food that lasts. 

So let's talk about you, get in touch. 


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